Workplace Wellness Programs Need a Big Dose of the Right Stuff


Workplace Wellness Programs

President John F. Thank you for our lucky stars that Kennedy is not a health expert in the former workplace. If he returns on May 25, 1961, he will have to “create a certification program that will follow the best practices in the development of an American space satellite program, which will reduce more remote communication information.”

But he did not say. It was inspirational. Instead, he created a national goal to “drop a man on the moon and bring it safely to the earth” in the late 1960s. People want to hear it and ask. They wanted to reach this goal. They have to say that they can do that.

Think more. Big law.

In contrast to the health of the people 2000 … 2010 … Now 2020, lost the nation and lost every goal. President Kennedy did exactly what we knew. We created the Apollo project, and then we set the goal. We believed that this would be a change to continue and reach the goal. That was. The circumstances may have been due to the fear that the Soviet Union would be much more technically advanced than the US.

Wellness Programs

The temptation and fear of attraction to us

Not only was it a great idea, but our behavior was very good. There is no certificate, no sample, no sample. We quickly failed in hundreds of jobs. We drowned the problems we face and took daily. We had to use the new talents and had to get new ideas. We must have this position in health and public health now.

A good healthy population, a good country, is a great opportunity for us to rebuild our country’s economic machine. We have time to climb.

Here are the right things to build a nation well

Community: Stop talking about “workplace” health and continue to talk about “community” health. Take five miles away from where you live and work. Begibac and benefit from each project, natural assets, educational opportunities, and event. Associate with workplaces, schools and other companies. Give up the copies of the effort and work together. Translating moves everyone!

Maintaining ergonomic cooperation to better connect your community as a health care and communication center.

• Energy: Do not measure health risks in terms of healthy health care costs. This is not a goal. Measure how people innovate, encourage, and push your business. Make sure that people stay there, they love the work, they make a contribution. Make sure your culture is vibrant and sizzling, there is space for jokes and fun. The DNA’s health should be a major and daily job.

 Wellness Programs

• Performance: Stop talking about reducing health risks or managing health risks. If you ask one of those words again ants, I’m shouting. High performance, increased productivity and high efficiency speak about the features required in your business-competitive business in today’s world, and these features come from those who work.

• Vision: The income is the only growth in your company to invest in your hands. NASA lost some major astronauts in an effort to fulfill its trips over the years. The rockets exploded. Problems to solve and cope were boggling in mind, but NASA put his eye on the moon. What do you keep your eyes on? If statements are trying to give the meaning of claims or vague statistics, here are a few tips: Stop! Instead, start seeing what competitive benefit your people can give. You can make a “can do” culture, attitude, solid sports program, and then all the expensive data begins to take care of itself. In some cases, instead of trying to cut another $ 1, this means it’s $ 2.

• Leadership: An example. Participate in social activities that you support. You are holding meetings. Eat well. Congratulations to people who try to improve personally and professionally. Show 100% of the money to buy, talk, and any other reason for your need. Lead to the shoulder. The truth is that this old saying, “What’s more important than what you’re doing.”

• Position: Health is not a business strategy. This is not a stable and measurable company. This is a way, a way to live. Sometimes, we tell people to pick up stairs instead of height. Take a person’s well-being directly and make two steps at one point and not think about it. Health is a possibility, curiosity, high energy and life of the movement. Disease management is a long-term proposal for low performance management.

We need to raise the sight. Our father always told us (children) that we would be successful in life, because many of us are expecting us all. They did, then we did. My Message for Presidents, Boards, Business Owners and Managers is a complete responsibility to support your people and your community in achieving high health.

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