High Blood Pressure – A Dangerous Problem With An Often Simple Solution

High Blood Pressure

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people with high blood pressure in changes in food and lifestyle in many Western societies.

Hypertension (otherwise called hypertension, or hypertension is called properly) is diagnosed and treated without stroke, heart attack, cardiovascular malignancy and blood pressure. It is a serious rare occasion when the symptoms of arterial blood or kidney failure – Threatening all living things Laimaikal.

What is hypertension, what causes it?

Your body’s arteries continue to fill blood, which use normal “background” pressure on the walls of the arteries. By heart in the heart of the oxygenated blood in the heart, it stimulates blood in the arteries to cause immediate pressure on the walls of the arteries between each heart. These stresses are called systolic pressure (high pressure pumping of the heart) and tistallic pressure (low pressure “back”).

High Blood Pressure

The normal dose of blood pressure differs from one another to another, but on average, it is 120 mm Hg pressure path (blood millimetric meter measured in mercury) Cardiac modem must have systolic pressure about 80 mm Hg. It usually exhibits blood pressure from 120/80.

It is a sign that blood pressure is rising and begins to be at a higher than 120/80 level, and even though it is not itself dangerous, but it may be at risk for the formation of high blood pressure and related problems. Since your blood pressure is reached, level 140/90 or higher is reported to be affected by high blood pressure and action should be taken to reduce blood pressure.

But what is your reason for high blood pressure?

Well, there are many factors playing here and if there is a first control, there is a restriction. This group crosses the normal blood flow in which the lower birth weight, and genetic factors, some forms of diabetes (especially type 2 diabetes) and age (our aging arteries tend to lose their flexibility to become fibrous).

Factors in the second group control of your scope, which includes most of the sedentary life of leadership are the salt of the highest and / or food, weight gain, smoking, alcohol, such as air transport or a quick maintenance of the road for some professions, stress and work-saturated fat, high-level road noise nintaka Establishment of exposure.

Most of these factors are of course treated, and in many cases, the simplest adjustment for your food and the addition of some forms of your daily exercise requires a problem solving. But without any real signs of difficulty, most people simply do not know that they are suffering from high blood pressure in the first place.

High Blood Pressure

How can you solve the problem?

Fortunately the answer to this question is very simple. All you have to do is to regularly go to the doctor’s office (most of us will do a few times a year) and your blood pressure is to ask your doctor or training nurse. The whole procedure is painless, simple and fast and you are forced to introduce yourself to his office when your heart and your doctor have saved a lot of time, work and expenses after hypertension develops.

If you are more interested in meeting your doctor, like most people, today is a good alternative to keeping your blood pressure home. Today you are available on a wide range of operating and relatively inexpensive screens by allowing your health and your family to keep an eye on the comfort and privacy of your home.


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